Literacy Inquiry, Final Draft

literacy inquiry final draft

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Literacy Inquiry Draft 2

I am still confused about the comment that was left on my first draft about not having the “second part” of the vignette. I tried to fix it as best as I could, but I am still unsure as to if I have it right this time. I am also still working on fixing the first paragraph because I don’t understand how I am supposed to tell my story without making it seem like its in the past.  I am still working on the title of my paper and I think that once I keep writing more it will eventually come to me. Overall, I am concerned that I am not taking the correct route with this inquiry… so confused about everything.

literacy inquiry draft 2

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Class Facilitation Free Write 11/18

We have already been discussing in class about how literacy is not easily defined because of the many factors playing a role, but modes and genres are also more difficult topics to try and define. Mode, genre, and literacy are all things that vary and differ in cultures, people, societies, and even time. People all around the world are going to have different thoughts and opinions about what each of these words mean and what they consider to be correct for each term. Just like literacy, I think genre and mode can be tied in with that together because there is no specific right way to do or think about each one and it will be different within every situation. The responses will vary with every situation because there are some genres in the US that may not be considered a genre in another country.

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Class Notes 11/11

genre notes

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Genre Theory

This reading was very tough for me because it brought up so many new views and topics that I have never heard of or considered before. I felt very overwhelmed while reading this text and I had to re-read some parts to grasp a better understanding, yet I am still confused about some things that I read. I realized that genre and literacy seem to have similar ways of being defined. Prior to reading this text, I believed that genre was just a way of categorizing something, but I learned that I was very wrong. Just like literacy, genre can be defined in so many different ways depending on culture, society, people, image… just about anything. I was completely unaware of the fact that there can be genres of people, I am still slightly confused as to how this works and how exactly you can define a person under one specific genre. I was very thrown off when I read that genres cannot be sorted into categories. Before this reading, the only way that I could think of genre was by grouping specific things into categories, but I’ve learned that genre is not fixed, mainly because situations are constantly changing. Dean discusses the fact that there are seven different categories and each single genre falls under every one of them. I don’t understand how one genre can be defined as seven very different things and still be completely different than another genre. Culture, historical, rhetorical, ideological, social, dynamic, and situated are all of the categories that Dean uses and I am curious to find out how they all intertwine to create one genre. Does one’s actions and discourses tie in with genre and how it is defined? Can someone manage their genre to fit in with a certain social group like in discourses?


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Literacy Inquiry Draft 1

I am concerned about how I am going to intertwine all of these different writing styles into one because right now it seems very choppy to me. I was also confused about how to make them seem related to one another. I am also concerned about the length of my paper because I felt like I was running out of things to write about.

literacy inquiry draft 1

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Class Notes 10/23

inquiry notes

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